Monday, July 5, 2010


I have been wanting to blog for years...and now that I have started I don't know where to begin!

In picking the title for my blog, I came to an interesting dilemma. How does one describe themselves? In trying to do so, the first things that came to mind were not necessarily what I would say, but rather what people who know me would say.

And let's be honest - most of us have other ways we want to be seen than through the eyes of people who know us. Oh sure, there are those close friends who know us well, but maybe they have a little too much information to give others a good look at who we are inside.

Then there are the acquaintances, those who make rash or random judgments of us from occasional or casual interactions that take place in mere minutes or seconds, as compared to our average hundred year lifespan. We certainly don't want to be known by how some of those people see us!

Which leads us back to describing ourselves. I was at a loss, convinced I was, well, nobody. Then it occurred to me - I'm not nobody. I'm damn near everybody!

I'm the average Jane. I am middle of the road, middle of life, middle class. I have a husband, two kids, three dogs, a house, and a pile of bills. I have been blissfully in love, and I have been in a divorce. I am a health fanatic and I love ice cream and junk food. I have a career and school loans. I have dreams and worries. I have issues, yet am blessed. I am you, I am her, they are me, and we are everybody.

I am Janie.